Tacoma Schools

College Success Foundation-Tacoma partners with the Tacoma School District. CSF advisors work on site at each Tacoma high school to ensure that students are prepared for college and are able to succeed and complete their bachelor's degrees. CSF has been in Foss, Lincoln and Mt. Tahoma high schools since 2001 and expanded into Stadium and Wilson high schools in 2009. CSF also works in Tacoma middle schools, offering college and career readiness programs so students understand their options early when they are ready to enter high school.

Achievers Scholars (grades 11-12)

CSF college preparatory advisors work with 11th and 12th graders (Achievers Scholars) at the high schools to help them become college-bound and college-ready. Achievers Scholars are low-income, promising students who need financial and targeted academic support to prepare for a successful college experience. Located on the high school campuses, CSF college prep advisors provide direct support services to guide students on their path to college.

  • Foss High School
  • Lincoln High School
  • Mt. Tahoma High School
  • Stadium High School
  • Wilson

HERO program (grades 9-10)

The Higher Education Readiness Opportunity (HERO) program provides the support and guidance that 9th and 10th grade students need to successfully navigate the transition from middle school to high school, manage the academic rigor of high school, and become college-ready. HERO Advisors work full-time in schools and serve as coaches, advocates and mentors to students in the program, providing both individual and group engagement strategies to meet student and program goals.

  • Foss High School
  • Mt. Tahoma High School 
  • Wilson High School

College and Career Readiness (grades 6-8)

The CSF College and Career Readiness program provides support and programming in middle schools to increase college and career awareness among middle school students. Middle schools offering the College and Career Readiness program are:

  • Baker Middle School
  • First Creek Middle School
  • Giaudrone Middle School
  • Gray Middle School
  • Stewart Middle School
  • Truman Middle School